Prison Furniture

All our prison and custodial furniture and fittings are designed and manufactured in-house from heavy-gauge steel to ensure extremely high durability and resistance to intentional damage. The exceptional security and safety of our furniture makes it ideal for use in correctional facilities and high traffic public spaces. 

A display cell is available to at our premises in Airport West showcasing a number of our furniture items.

General Metal Work

AM Metal Solutions manufacture and install structural and general metal work to your design including crane grillages, gantries and temporary protection decks.

Staircases, Handrails

and Balustrades

We design and create staircases, balustrade and handrails for your project using stainless steel, aluminium, mild steel and brass, incorporating glass or perforated steel.​

Screens, Cladding

and Facades

AM Metal Solutions will bring your creative ideas for decorative and privacy screens, cladding and facade systems to reality. Screens can be finished with powder coating or paint finishes.


Architectural Metal Work

Our team will work with you to bring your unique architectural metal work ideas to fruition, from the design phase through to fabrication and installation.

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Adina Hotel Facade, Southbank